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French Onion Bacon Dip

Happy Father's Day! I used to eat regular ole French Onion Dip all the time with my Daddy. We have put a little twist to this classic dip by adding bacon!


-3-4 strips of bacon

-1 onion

-2 cups of sour cream (or greek yogurt)

-1 Tsp of garlic powder

-1 Tsp of smoked paprika

-Pinch of salt

-Some flat leaf parsley

-Veggies or chips


-Slice your bacon in little half inch pieces and fry them up

-Leave bacon drippings in pan

-Slice onion thinly

-Begin to saute onions on med heat to begin carmelization process

-Stir frequently, may take 20-30 minutes to caramelize

-Meanwhile start dip,

-Put 2 cups of sour cream in a bowl

-Add the garlic powder, smoked paprika and some parsley


-Add bacon - mix.

-After 20 minutes or so lower heat on onions.

-Once onions are done, mix them into dip

-Let set in fridge for at least 4 hours.

-Garnish with more bacon and parsley and serve with veggies or chips!

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